New Chapter In Focus Fundraising Dinners

FOCUS events are reunions, parties to reminisce about the good old days and catch up with loved ones. Mbarara and Jinja regional Fundraising Dinners were no exception. We had teachers reunited with their students, old friends catching up, people making new connections while the rest were just having a good time and rendezvous were able to raise 6 million from the dinner in pledges in Mbarara and almost 4 lion UGX in Jinja.

With the cash raised during the Mbarara Dinner FOCUS ministry paid for land in Omukabare-Masha Isingiro 10km from Mbarara town.
got eleven more life membership pledges in both regions and Associates who pledged to help the ministry in any other ways possible like gathering old-timers to me back and support the lord’s work appreciate all the associates who turned up and supported the Ministry, thank you. And those that could not make it but supported through prayer and giving we appreciate you.