Welcome to Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Uganda

Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Uganda is an evangelical interdenominational Christian organization committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ on university and college campuses in Uganda; nurturing students to grow and become effective witnesses of Christ and leaders in the church and society, through Evangelism (communication of the gospel message through life and deed), Discipleship (training in key spiritual disciplines to be able to live the way God wants us to live) and Compassionate Empathy (sharing and understanding the feelings of others to trigger positive social action.

FOCUS has its genesis from the Christian Union at Makerere University formed in 1962 and the Christian Union at National Teachers’ College Kyambogo formed in 1972. FOCUS was affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in 1979 and was part of the Pan African Fellowship of Evangelical Students prior to that.

The Christian Union is our point of contact in any college or university. It is a student-led group of Christian students from different denominations united around the gospel in the work of evangelism and discipleship. It is through the Christian Unions that believers are strengthened and mobilized for service in Christ. There are over 215 Christian Unions across Uganda, and they range in membership, from 15 to 1,500 students.

The FOCUS staff (and associates) are involved in the life of the Christian Unions by: organizing national and regional training events and conferences; producing discipleship and evangelism resources; meeting one to one and in groups with students for Bible study, prayer and support.

Staff and students also travel beyond the campuses to rural communities to participate in short term outreach programs referred to as Missions Beyond

Christ-transformed students and associates impacting universities, tertiary institutions, churches and society.

To Engage and equip students in institutions of higher learning and graduates for effective Christian living.

Christ Contentedness

Motivated by the example of Jesus; encouraged by the desire to obey His commands and inspired by His promises


Always approaching the work with a desire to serve rather than be served.


Always seeking to match our words by corresponding actions.


Realizing that the combined results of a team is greater than the mere sum of individual contributions. (1+1 = 3)

Our Core Engagements

We seek to support Christian students to evangelize to their fellow students, staff of their academic institutions and members of surrounding communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We recognize that for the students to be able to evangelize effectively they need to be discipled. We therefore carry out discipleship programs equipping them for a lifetime of service in family, church and society.

Servanthood being one of our core values, we seek to train student leaders in servant leadership so as to grow them into servant leaders in their campuses, church and society at large.

The Christian Union exists in a wider campus community and as a result we aim at having members of the Christian Union positively engage in issues affecting their campus and surrounding communities rather than them keeping idle.

Key Members

Chairperson – National Governing Council

Edward Mubiru

Members and Friends of FOCUS, I am delighted to announce the launch of Phase I of the new FOCUS Website today. The dawn of a new day is here. For...

General Secretary-FOCUS UGANDA

Nicholus Raymond

We are so delighted in such a time like this to see that our Website is redeveloped to a level fitting of the modern communications standards. In this era of...