Nicholus Raymond

We are so delighted in such a time like this to see that our Website is redeveloped to a level fitting of the modern communications standards. In this era of social media, we needed a more interactive website, and this website is going to  be at that level by the end of phase II. We are committed making sure that this ministry is known to many people for easy ministry involvement in one way or the other.
On the behalf of the staff and on my own behalf, we would like to encourage you to visit this website quite often to be able to understand the ministry activities. This website will always have the latest updates about the ministry. All our social media platforms are active; the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and there connected to the website.
This is the reason to believe, support and work with FOCUS once again with confidence that the Lord is doing yet a new thing in us. Right now, with a good communications department, and well structured, oriented and motivated staff willing to do ministry, we believe that we shall reach each person whom the Lord wants us to reach out to in Jesus Name. Shalom.
General Secretary- FOCUS UGANDA.