Edward Mubiru

Members and Friends of FOCUS,

I am delighted to announce the launch of Phase I of the new FOCUS Website today. The dawn of a new day is here. For several years, FOCUS has struggled to exploit web technology to enhance communication among its members and to share information on ministry progress. As a result, the organization lost effective contact and consequently reduced engagement with a signification percentage of its members. This in turn resulted into a big fall in members’ contributions be it financial or otherwise. As a student-led movement that is largely supported by Focus Associates and partner organizations, FOCUS needed to restore and even expand its engagement with these key stakeholders using the most efficient means possible.

About two years ago, dialogue started between members of the National Executive Counsel and the Secretariat concerning how we could turn around our communication and marketing methods using among other things, web technology. We determined that FOCUS needed various functionalities such as basic content on FOCUS identity; regular updates on ongoing work; members’ database; capabilities for interested parties to apply for members and be registered; opportunities for members’ involvement; as well as capabilities online financial transactions e.g. donations, automated dispatch of receipts,

After several attempts, even miss-steps, we are delighted to finally launch Phase I of the new FOCUS Website. We are excited to share with you important facts about FOCUS Ministry today. Using this current Phase I of the website, members will not only find important information about FOCUS work; but will be able to interact via Face Book, Twitter and Xxxxx concerning FOCUS work. Visitors to this website will have first hand information about current projects towards which they can contribute. You can expect good access to You Tube video clip. Soon, live streaming of students and Associates events will be included. To ensure quality service, a Communications and Marketing Officer has been deployed and will ensure that all inquiries posted on our website will be responded to within 24 – 48 hours. (This turn around time will be reduced to 12 hours at the earliest possible).

For your information, there are ongoing efforts to increase the range of capabilities of our website platform – some of which will be launched in Phase II. This next phase will enable cloud funding activities, a wider range of online payments of members’ subscriptions and targeted contributions towards specific projects.

I invite you to visit our new website http://focusuganda.org and to share your thoughts accordingly.

In His Service,

Edward Mubiru