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The child project is a department of FOCUS and is a community-based outreach program to the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in which the FOCUS center is situated.
The project supports children from the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in Kampala, Uganda. These children are supported financially through individual sponsorship so that they have the opportunity to attend school and also be provided with their basic needs.  Through various educational programs, FOCUS exposes these children to opportunities that will help them develop spiritually, physically, socially, and economically.

The project does not necessarily support orphans but supports any needy children in the community. This is primarily done as the center emphasizes the importance of education, empowers children to meet their own economic needs through teaching them livelihood skills, and seeks to provide for their basic needs. In targeting the children, FOCUS also hopes to reach the parents, and therefore the wider community, with the Good News of Jesus Christ in order to influence the community’s values.

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