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Christian Books Store


We have the following Christian literature in our library Steve Hawkins’ The fourth day, leading with love by Alexander Strauch when Heaven is silent by Ronald Dunn plus child literature for your children. For avid readers ensure that you drop [...]

Christian Books Store2021-02-21T15:59:49+03:00

Child Project Mulago


FOCUS’ child project is a community-based outreach project to the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in which the FOCUS center is situated and presently supports 195 children. The project financially supports children through individual sponsorship to meet their basic needs and [...]

Child Project Mulago2020-12-17T17:18:39+03:00

FOCUS Camp Site


FOCUS Camp SiteFOCUS Unions have organized camps in Uganda for over 30 years and encountered many students, churches, families and organizations.With an increase in the number of camps by churches and other ministries in Uganda which are taking on the [...]

FOCUS Camp Site2021-02-21T15:59:50+03:00

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